starting the journey back to our center the more present, happy and healthy we all become.

In this healthy and happy state, we are able to see and accept each other in new ways.

We are able to walk the earth as self-empowered beings and begin to create a world where we and our children want to live in.


My purpose is to assit clients in their journey of becoming healthier and happier.

I encourage receivers of my sessions to engage in a process of self healing, deep relaxation and renewal.


Reiki, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Massage and Foot Reflexology are all based on the principle that our bodies are energy centres, circulating life force energy through energy pathways in the body.

Weakened energy flows and blockages manifest in our lives in many ways from tiredness, lack of energy, feeling unsettled or unwell, difficulty concentrating, sleeping and making decisions.


These techniques work to relieve energy blockages, strengthening the life force flowing through our body, enhancing our bodies natural healing process and restoring wellbeing.


This work opened a new world for me and changed my life fundamentally.

It is my great love I want to share with you.


I offer private, in person appointments for Reiki, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Massage and Foot Reflexology in Byron bay

@ 8 Byron Street 2481 Byron Bay


Reiki appointments worldwide via skype.

For more infos or appointments

contact Judith:

email: judith@back2yourself.org

mobile: 04 3131 7588

The more we are all coming back to ourselves -


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