Massage works on deep tissue levels, energy lines and pressure points to release tension and stiffness in the body. This massage stimulates, balances and relaxes body and mind.

The mix of Thai and Oil massage is a unique combination with firm and strong pressure and long relaxing strokes.


Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for people leading busy lifestyles suffering from what is now commonly encountered work related stress. Massage not only aids to relax mentally but also works on physical symptoms like back and neck pain that comes from sitting for an extended periods of time or from physical labour.

Massage promotes circulation and blood flow and brings about healing effect like physical and physiological relaxation for general wellbeing.



































For any enquiries and bookings contact: judith@back2yourself.org

Foot Massage - 40 minutes $70

Thai Foot massage works on reflex and pressure points on feet and lower leg. The massage opens energy lines and points which correspond to internal organs. This massage improves circulation, removes toxins and boosts the immune system.

Neck, Back and Shoulders - 40 minutes $70

this massage is very suitable for people who are looking for a very efficient way to relax in a short period of time and to leave refreshed and rejuvinated. This massage works on freeing up the energy in Neck, Back and Shoulders by deep work on muscles, energy lines and pressure points.

Hypnosis for Relaxation:

"Hypnosis is the induction of a deeply relaxed state. The starting point for change $120 per session