Reiki – Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is Japanese for the “Universal Life Force Energy”. In a Reiki treatment, I invite you to cleanse, refresh and strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a very old lineage handed down from master to student. This channeled life force will vitalize, energize and nurture the body of humans, plants and animals.

It is safe, without any side effects.


Reiki clears energy blocks and imbalances, restoring energy channels

in all our bodies, activating the body’s natural healing intelligence.

Reiki energy is very subtle energy, and profound benefits may appear in the

days and weeks following  your treatment.


Channeled in a session, Reiki energy tunes up your energy systems and

brings into your awareness the reasons for deep rooted restrictions, limiting

belief systems and painful memories. In the safe environment of the session these can dissolve.


During a Reiki session I invite the Reiki energy to flow into your body while

you rest comfortably. You will feel powerful Reiki energy flowing from the touch of my hands on or near your body, activating and enhancing your natural self-healing-process, supported by crystals, symbols and the sound of meditative music. I safely guide you through this process.


What happens in your body:  Your cells will recharge and body functions realign. Your body is receiving fresh energy and is working on bringing it's energy system back into it's natural balance.

During this I am "listening", with my hands and my heart, to what your body or parts of your body have to say, and sharing this message with you.

Sometimes there may be detox-like symptoms or strong emotions after a session.

This is a good sign, as it indicates your energy is flowing again.


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